Response Handling & Fulfilment

Response Handling & Fulfilment

ARK H provide response handling & fulfilment services, stock management, storage & distribution management

Welcome to Ark-H, one of the UK's leading providers of response handling & fulfilment services.  Ark-H is a fulfilment house that offers a full range of response handling & fulfilment services offering stock management, storage & distribution management. Ark-H response handling & fulfilment services are designed to enhance our clients' marketing and promotional supply chain.  The core of our response handling & fulfilment service is our secure storage & fulfilment warehouse for stock management and our pick and pack order fulfilment.

Our stock control systems provide computerised stock-location systems for ease of order picking. Response handling & fulfilment service is supported by our HeLix system which  provides integrated web-based order processing and fulfilment with real time stock management and reporting.

Ark-H also provide PoS Kitting and PoS Collation and Distribution where our reputation for response handling & fulfilment was originally built as well as web fulfilment and e fulfilment response handling. In fact we provide a complete response handling & fulfilment solution and are leaders in ecommerce fulfilment services in the UK.

Our Response Handling & Fulfilment Credentials

Ark-H have a wealth of response handling & fulfilment expertise and you can view a number of case studies which testify to our credentials. Ark-H is a fulfilment house that works with clients to save on storage costs, through effective stock management, accurate order picking and distribution. We fulfil over 3000 orders everyday and have the response handling & fulfilment systems to meet any fulfilment requirements. We are members of the DMA Response Management Accreditation Scheme

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